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Who is "Keithl" ?[edit]

Wikipedia user "Keithl" is Keith P. Loring [1] currently of Milton, Vermont, U.S., previously hailing from Massachusetts, Florida, Colorado, California, Mississippi, Antigua and Barbuda, Rota, Spain, Guam, Pearl Harbor, Hawaii and other places.


Keith currently works at IBM in Essex, Vermont as a programmer working in support of the ASIC business. Previously he worked on many other projects at IBM including the PCRadio, PowerPC and ViaVoice products.

He was enlisted in the United States Navy Seabees from April 1982 to September 1989, which was generally peace time except for participation in operation Urgent Fury Invasion of Grenada.

Keith has also worked at Disney World, Arby's, and Optronic Laboratories.


Keith has many and varied interests which may yeild Wikipedia contributions some day. These include: