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  • List Abilities that Lord Slug can do and used in the Movie.
Priority 7

Age and Strength[edit]

I agree the section needs a rewrite, but I don't think it's purely speculative or original. On age, it's well cited in the series proper that Namek-seijin have incredibly long lives (by human standards), and the film makes clear that he was old as dirt and his strength was waning. Wasn't he missing teeth? No small feat for a being who can regenerate. On strength, I'd have to check the movie again (god, do I have to), but I thought Kaio-sama compared Slug to Freeza. Am I remembering wrong? It's not exactly my fav film... Also, maybe I don't hvae a firm enough grasp of WP:OR, but it seems to me that if Giji is half SSJ, and Slug was just under Giji Goku and Freeza was just under SSJ Goku... wel if A = B and B = C, then losing the math... 1/2 A = 1/2 C? Onikage725

Can you cite episode numbers, manga chapters, interviews, or something to back your claims? By the way, if you don't cite a reliable source, doing maths and transitivity is considered original research. -- ReyBrujo 03:08, 15 July 2006 (UTC)
Meh, all of the relevant crap is stated in the synopsis anyway. Deleted. Onikage725